December 23, 2015

A Christmas miracle!

First of all, I've been to London earlier this month. There will be a fairly substantial blog entry about my kinky adventures there soon. This entry is about something else.

In the past month or so I've been chatting to a guy interested in bondage, and more specifically kidnap scenarios that involve being gagged and lots of tape. I told him about the material I have, showed him some pics, discussed some scenarios... after all that he was very keen on meeting up with me.

Last Sunday we finally made it happen, and pretty much everything that could go wrong, went wrong. And that includes a third party walking in on us (luckily, there wasn't much to see yet). We had very limited time as well, so we had some very simple and fairly short play in my bedroom.

I secured him to a chair, handcuffed at the back. I applied some duct tape to his mouth and his legs. Added a blindfold as well. With that all set, I could explore his body and see how he reacted to my touch. And he reacted beautifully. The pre-cum was flowing freely, and it was a beautiful sight seeing it through his white briefs. I loved teasing his cock through the fabric and seeing his briefs get wetter and wetter.

I untied him and let him masturbate, and on special request I wore my balaclava (he seemed to like that a lot). And with that happy ending I had to let him go.

Despite it being so short, and the false start or two, it was actually really enjoyable. He's a fun guy to play with, and interesting to talk to, so I hope to see him again. We already made some vague meet up plans for next month, let's see how things will be then :)

On a more personal note, this was the first time I played with a "new" guy in well over a year, and since it went so well, it was a real boost to my self-confidence. For the past two years I've been somewhat avoiding meeting up with new people because I felt I wouldn't be good enough, both as a top or a sub. Now that I (finally!) had a good experience, I'm starting to have a more positive outlook on things. If everything goes well with this guy, I'll be able to develop my skills further and get more confident in them (for example, I complained to the guy that I'm rubbish at rope bondage because I can't find anyone who wants to be a model for a newbie, he just replied "well, practice on me then!").

We'll see how things develop further next year but at the very least I'm ending a somewhat kink-dry year on a positive note :)


  1. Hi Rauber,

    i am happy that you have open a door of BDSM again, all the best with your journey!


  2. Hey Rauber, I'm so glad that you both enjoyed yourselves and that you could get over everything that could go wrong to go on and have a good session together. You'd be welcome in Manchester any time for a bit of fun and I'd be happy to share some of my tips and tricks if it helps... ;o)

    1. Thank you, I'd be happy to meet up, we've been talking/commenting on each others blog for several years now so it certainly would be nice to meet face to face one day!

    2. Agreed! Even if it was just for coffee! But be assured I'd want to do MUCH more! Hehehe! Maybe one day... :o)


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