April 17, 2010

the void

I realise I haven't been updating much (okay, not at all) in the past few weeks. I've just been too busy lately, with very little me-time, and even if I did I wasn't always in the mood. It's always easier to have a quick wank before going to bed or under the shower then it is to really "spoil" myself, you know?

I haven't been in the cage for more than a day, and I've hardly used the aneros lately, probably 3 times in the past 3 weeks. And even then it wasn't as enjoyable as the first couple of sessions were. Seems like I have to start over again every time I leave more than half a week between sessions. It's almost becoming something like, you know, work, while it should be something fun and relaxing. I mean, I still enjoy it, but I don't like the fact I have less fun with it than I should have.

Anyway. I might do a "bdsm & movies" update next.

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