September 25, 2011


Last week I had a one-week holiday in Austria, together with my dad. It was probably because I had about 20 minutes of privacy every day, but I didn't feel like masturbating all week, so I didn't. I think this (a total of about 8 or 9 days) was the longest I went without orgasm since those 30 days in february/march. Although, when you're not being teased or anything, being chaste is kind of...boring. When I got back home I had some fun and came twice: just before I went to bed, and when I woke up. A lot of pent-up horniness I guess. Both felt really good, and different. There really is a difference between evening/night orgasms and morning orgasms.

Still haven't seen Master R, we said we'd meet up next week, but I still don't have my full university schedule, although it looks like I'll have late lessons 4 out of 5 days. Which is annoying because I'll only be home around 8/9PM, and obviously that will be even later if I decide to meet up with Master R. Anyway, we'll see.

I got another interesting offer on straypup: someone who lives in the south of France wants to pay my plane ticket if I agree to come over for a weekend. It's obviously tempting, but I'm super-suspicious really. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I would actually do it, if I know I can trust him. I'm 'only' 2 hours by plane away from him, and if he wants to pay for my ticket...well that probably makes me some kind of prostitute, but I would go. Like I said, I have my doubts that it's real, but it sure would be an adventure...or a nightmare. Hmm. It's interesting to think about though.

That's all for now.

September 6, 2011


I had 2 kind of 'dirty' dreams lately.

First was one of those "physical alteration" dreams. Like, dreaming that my teeth fall out, or that I have a hole in my knee, stuff like that. It's mostly nightmare-ish, but not this time. And it was a bit confusing. I was looking down at my body, and I noticed a hole just under my navel. I thought "oh yeah, it's from my piercing". Then I looked again, and noticed the hole wasn't under my navel, but through my foreskin. I thought "oh yeah, I took it out for some reason, but never put it back in!" Then I tried to remember when I actually got the piercing, but I couldn't remember at all. That's usually the point in the dream where dream-me panics, and I wake up - which I why it's always easier (for me at least) to remember "bad" and weird dreams.

Anyway, to clarify: I don't have any piercings in real life, but they are a sort of personal fetish. Lately I've been thinking of getting a PA, but I've decided against it because it wouldn't look nice on my penis. It can shrink to less than 2 inches, I don't think it would look very nice. I'd love to get my nipples pierced, but they're really small as well, not sure if it would work.

Anyway, back to my dreams. Second one isn't nearly as kinky. It was a really long dream, university-related. I was leaving university, and I wasn't sad about that at all until I met up with my best friend there (in real life, one of my school friends, who I haven't seen in over 12 years). It was something he said that made me all emotional. We hugged. Then we kissed. Then we wanted to find a more private place for more kissing :)

I saw the Kinsey film recently (you know, Kinsey scale? Look it up if you never heard of it), and the dream made me think of how many of my classmates might be gay. I was always in fairly big classes, and if you take into consideration that at least 1 out of 10 people are gay (or, at the very least, not 100% straight) there must be quite a few. A couple of years ago I saw someone, sort of shy guy, picked on when I went to school with him - and he was with another guy, obviously his boyfriend. The good thing is, I've hardly ever seen him happy at school, and that moment he was beaming, so it was really nice to see he turned out to be okay.
The guy from the dream was one of my best friends in middle school and early high school, and I wouldn't be that surprised if he turned out to be gay. He was certainly...different. But so was I, I guess.

In other news, I'm definitely going to see Master R in 2 weeks, and it might be with another boy. Looking forward to it.

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