November 26, 2012

Fetish of the week: being caged

My fellow blogger BearPaul made a great list of fetishes he likes, and because of that I have some inspiration to continue my 'fetish of the week' series. So, this week, being caged!

A cage is obviously a very powerful symbol in the BDSM world, and it can be many things: a prison for a sub, a place to put your pup to rest, or a storage space for a slave. For me, it's powerful both physically and mentally: you are trapped in a small space, and pretty much every time you move you're reminded of your situation. Being in a cage can give a strong feeling of helplessness, loss of control and dependance on the person who locked you up! It can be a very intense experience, especially for very claustrophobic people, so for some it can be a real punishment. For others, like my friend Paul, it's no doubt a great reward to be in one :)

For my (very underdeveloped) pup side, a cage is something comforting, a place to relax and sleep, a home of sorts. I'd love to spend a night in cage in full pup mode. I doubt my sleep will be comfortable but I think it would be a fun experience in the end.

The only cage time I ever got was with RopeMasterWilly in Antwerp. He has an awesome playroom with pretty much everything you can think of. I asked him if I could spend some time in his cage. Result:

As you can probably tell, I could move very little, and having my head through a hole in the cage makes it even "worse". It's really a quite stressful position, you can't really relax your back or legs, you're trapped! It wasn't easy at all but still a fun experience. The cage has wheels on it, and Master Willy wheeled me around a bit when taking pictures. For me it was quite humiliating, just like you're part of the furniture. Makes you feel pretty helpless as well... 

The other guy I had the session with ended up in the standing cage...later I got in there as well, being tied up against him. It was nice though my time in the "small" cage was more unique and more fun for me in the end. 

I found a couple of good cage videos for the fans:


I stole this video from BearPaul (sorry dude!), but it really is one of the best videos with a caged sub I've seen. Making the boy undress inside the cage is brilliant; it makes him more aware of the fact that he's now trapped. And now being naked, he can't hide the fact that he's excited hehe. Love the muzzle, and the boy being cuffed at the end as well. Not a very comfortable position to be in though...

Two boys in a cage, tied up, shackled, and a hot daddy they have to pleasure. What's not to love? I think the chemistry between the three is great, both boys want daddy to spend the most time with them, and daddy is good at playing them out against each other. Part 2 and 3 are great as well. My favourite bit is in part 3, when he tells one boy "maybe you're my best boy". Other boy: "no Sir!" Obviously he gets a few slaps because no-one asked for his opinion hehehe. Then he spends some time kissing and caressing the 'best' boy while making the 'bad' boy watch, making him even more jealous than he already was. I really love play like that. It really is one of my main fantasies, serving a good dom together with another boy, while having some friendly competition with the other boy (who I would really like anyway, but in serving the dom he obviously is an obstacle between me and the dom hehe). I think it must be quite hard for a dom to get the balance right with two (or more) boys...

But uhh this entry was supposed to be about being caged, yeah. I don't have anything more to say really, so it's up to you. Feel free to share stories, pics or your favourite videos. 

November 20, 2012

More down time

It's not really been a good couple of weeks - or couple of months even - for me, for a few reasons that (mostly) have nothing to do with kink, but obviously have an influence on my kink life. I definitely have some self-confidence issues I need to work on, it's probably the worst offender mentally. In kink terms, the more I play, the more confident I get about myself. When I haven't played for a few weeks, I don't feel confident enough anymore to meet other people. Of course, the best thing I can do when I feel like that is exactly to meet people and play - but that's easier said than done when I feel so low about myself.

I had it pretty bad this weekend to be honest - even started thinking my kink friends just pretend to like me and don't really care about me at all, and that I'm a failure as a sub anyway, etc. I'm a guy who bottles everything up so I haven't mentioned this to most of them... thinking "why should I bother them with what I feel, it's not their fault, they have nothing to do with it, it's just something I have to deal with alone."

Yes, I know, I'm a 'bad boy' for thinking all that. In fact, I was reminded of the little underwear incident I had with Sir J the first time I went to him. To recap: he ordered me not to bring along any underwear. When I was packing my bags before leaving for London, I thought "So I will be in London for a week, but I'm sure he's going to get bored of me after 3 days and kick me out of his house, so I should bring along 4 pieces of underwear so I have some clean underwear for when I stay in a hotel for the rest of the week."
Now, that made a lot of sense in my head, and to be honest I still don't think it's that crazy or anything hehe, but when Sir J confronted me with this, I felt very silly, and worse, I felt like I hurt his feelings by thinking he would kick me out and therefor not be a good host.
As you know I did get punished for my bad thoughs and for disobeying an order, I even got off lightly I guess. But it was a punishment I needed to clear my mind from bad thoughts.

Anyway, it's getting better...
I talked to my 'little bro' yesterday, because I really felt like I haven't given him enough attention lately (even though he's busy with exams so I shouldn't bother him that much). In fact, I felt like I completely failed as his 'big bro'. I told him that, and he told me not to worry and was very understanding. So that already one thing I don't have to feel bad about. I really do care for him a great deal, so I'm happy I still have his love and friendship.

Today Master P contacted me, we chatted a bit and he's still interested in training me. We're going to try and meet up some time soon, possibly even this week. So that's something to look forward to.

So after rain comes sunshine, or some cliché like that :)

November 9, 2012

Fetish of the week: boot licking

Sometimes, I get really obsessed with a particular fetish. It dominates my mind in a way that is almost scary.

This week that was boot licking. I don't know why it came up so strong (though I will blame TSkinBoot for introducing me to this particular fetish), but oh boy,  just the thought of licking boots was nearly enough to make me cum. I think the last time I had it this bad was with my skinhead fetish earlier this year, I don't want to tell you how many times I came every day just thinking of being dominated by a skinhead. A few skinhead stories on nifty had the same result. And this gif below is one of the hottest things I found on tumblr:

The first question that always comes up when I'm in this particular mood or whenever I'm discovering a new fetish is "why?". In this case, I think it's fairly simple: a person licking another person's boots is a very strong sign of submission. For me it has an element of humiliation as well, especially when it's done in a club or semi-public place. You are literally and figuratively "lower" than everyone else when you're on the floor licking someone else's boots. It can be a very powerful feeling, and with some verbal play it can be even more intense.

(from TSkinBoot's blog)

And to be honest, it's really the boot licking itself that's a major turn-on, I like boots but on its own it's not really a fetish of mine. For me boot licking is really more about the mental aspect. In time I'll probably own a nice pair or two (really love TSkin's cherry boots pictured above) but it's not really a priority on my kinky 'things to buy' list.

TSkin has 'exploited' this particular fetish of mine this week hehe, on recon he has already made me beg to lick his boots, and admitting that I want to be a good boot boi for him, and that I need lots of training... yes it's "only" online but it's still fun, and the fact that I have already licked his boots a few times makes it easier to imagine and (for me) more meaningful than just random online play. Plus, I really do want to be a good boot licker for him, and I hope he gives me more training next time we meet.

And to end this post, a nice boot licking video I found on xtube:
The boy is hot and I love how eager he is to lick boots... 

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