May 3, 2015

blog weirdness

Last month (April), I had the most amount of visitors ever on this blog! Except... I noticed some weird things on my stats page. Most of my visitors seem to come from Russian sites that have nothing to do with the content of my blog.

The month before that, I already disabled non-captcha-verified comments, because I got a spam message at least once a day. But now there's this. I doesn't hurt my blog, but for a stat-obsessed person like me, it's annoying that I can't see where my real visitors are coming from.

I was wondering if any bloggers who read this are experiencing this as well?

Anyway, thanks for the people who still have my blog on their reading list. Special shoutout to and I still get most of my visitors from their site. Thanks guys!

Preparing a "normal" blog entry next, I spent a lot of time in chastity the last two months, and it was a rather...interesting experience!

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  1. You're very welcome. Although I'm not as actively blogging as I once was, I'm glad that you're getting traffic from it. :o)


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