May 23, 2014

One evening

Master came home and I greeted him in the way I was taught: on my knees, kissing his feet and groin. He sat down in the sofa, sipping on the cold beer I put out for him minutes before he arrived. As I was sitting on my knees next to him, he asked me who decorated me like this...he was referring to the heavy metal collar, ankle shackles and nipple clamps I had on me. “Was it my evil boyfriend, hmm? What did you do to deserve this?” I told him I was caught sniffing underwear from the dirty laundry basket, which resulted in a beating with the tawse and the cane. Not just that but he also used me as his sex toy, ordering me to give him a good rimming. He came all over my face and scooped up his cum and fed it to me.

Master was listening to this with a smile on his face. He pulled on the chain connecting my nipple clamps. “You know you got off easy right? I will have to punish you again for this. Not just because I didn’t give you permission to sniff dirty laundry, but also because you got greedy. I let you smell my underwear every day, and even let you go to bed with it when you’re lucky. Maybe I should stop doing that for a while huh, to make you realise how lucky you are?”

I begged him not to do this; sniffing that manly smell of his is one of my greatest joys. I understood I needed to be punished but I hoped Master would show mercy and refrain from a cruel punishment like that.

He ordered me to go upstairs and get the metal plug in. I always have mixed feelings about this one, once I get it in it feels pretty good, but I have to take my time with it, and I can’t keep it in for long before it gets uncomfortable. I guess this was extra training and maybe also part of the punishment?

When I came downstairs, Master beckoned me to the bathroom where I had to get on my knees in the bathtub. I knew what that meant. “Open your mouth slave!” Master pissed on my face and in my mouth. After he was done, he turned off the lights and went back to the living room, leaving me in total darkness. I knew this was one of his mental punishments; making me feel like an object he can use and discard any time he wants. That thought made my cock grow hard in my chastity device. As the piss slowly dried on my face, I was getting really uncomfortable being on my knees. Well I guess he wanted me to suffer and that was exactly what I was doing.

He probably only left me there for about 15 minutes but it felt like at least and hour. I was so relieved when he came back for me. He still said nothing ,but rinsed me off with the shower hose, threw me a towel and left again. I dried myself off and joined him in the living room.

The salon table was flooded with various instruments of punishment: whips, canes, straps, paddles and even a big wooden brush (probably my most hated object of the lot). Master beckoned me to the sofa and put me in the neck and wrist irons. He relieved me of the nipple clamps, and to my surprise he unlocked my chastity device.

He played with my sore nipples which automatically made my cock rise. I knew what was coming, and it wasn’t pleasure (at least for me). “When was the last time you had a proper wank huh slave? Stroking it to that wonderful climax? That was a long time ago wasn’t it… since then it’s always been the milking machine sucking the cum out of you, whether you wanted it or not. It’s a good reminder that you are no longer in control...that you are no longer allowed to play with yourself like any free man would…” To demonstrate this, he took his cock out and started stroking it. “You miss doing this, don’t you? Hmm, such a hard life for you as a slave…”

He reached for the first instrument of torture of the evening: a little mean thing we called the penis whip. I know very well how mean it is, but for now he just slowly rubs it along my cock. “But it’s your cock that got you into trouble in the first place isn’t it?” He gave me a few quick but hard strokes. Then he took my cock in one hand, and whipped my very sensitive cockhead. I instinctively tried to back away but obviously he wouldn’t let me. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” “No Master!” “Then why is your cock still rock hard? Do I have to punish you for lying as well?” I didn’t really know how to respond to that, so he just continued my torture.

“Wait here slave”, he said, like I was going anywhere in this state. He returned shortly, stuffing a piece of underwear in my mouth, then attaching the athletic cup muzzle, and stuffing it with an extra pair of underwear. “This is what you want, huh?” He’s right; I could both taste and smell his essence. “yeah, take some deep breaths boy…” Doing that completely intoxicated me, it got me high. I moaned and mumbled incoherently, to the amusement of Master. I felt a sudden sting on my arse. It only mildly annoyed me, even amused me in a way, as I was too busy enjoying the smell of underwear to care about anything else. It’s only after a few more strokes that I came back down to earth, to realise that Master was hitting me with the cane, and hitting me hard!

Master continued hitting me, switching from cane to brush to strap, going through all the tools he laid out earlier, not giving me time to adjust to any rhythm. My mind was overwhelmed; the smell of his underwear still tickled the reward center in my brain, but as the beating goes on the pain started to replace any positive feelings. This punishment was supposed to be a mindfuck, a painful one at that, and it was a great success.

Once Master saw I had physically and mentally surrendered, he stopped the beating, took the muzzle and the irons off me, gave me a hug, and let me relax next to him. He allowed me to go to the bathroom, get the plug out, and take a quick shower before dinner.

Dinner, for me at least, was beef ravioli served in the dog bowl. “Oh, and some special sauce for you” - Master spit in the bowl. I thanked him of course.

The abundance of tomato sauce and the order to lick the bowl clean meant my face was far from clean when I was done - much to the amusement of Master and his boyfriend. I just waited next to them on the floor until they finished their meal. Only after I cleaned the table and did my task as dishwasher was I allowed to clean myself up and join them in the living room to watch some TV.

I was used mostly as a footrest but at the end of the evening I was allowed to nuzzle Master’s groin…which eventually lead to him pulling his cock out and ordering me to suck it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him take the cane. He started lightly tapping my arse, which I interpreted as going slow and steady when it came to sucking… as he sped up, I sucked his cock more eagerly. I knew he was enjoying this, but after a short while he pushed me away and beckoned his boyfriend. “I’m not sure you deserve my cum today slave…”. His boyfriend continued my job and finished Master off. Instead of swallowing, he surprised me by kissing me and sharing the load. Master approved and delighted in watching us.

“Time for bed”, Master declared. I was sent to the bathroom, but before I went upstairs, I asked Master for my before-bed beating. He took mercy on me after all I went through that day and only gave me 5 quick-but-hard strokes. Once in bed, he put some handcuffs on me, made sure my chastity device was secure, and attached the ankle chain to the bed. He kissed me goodnight and left me to enjoy my nightly captivity and sore arse…

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