December 31, 2015

London visit december 2015

This was my first visit to London in ten months, so I had some catching up to do :)
I'll write about things per event/day, to keep things somewhat orderly...

Boys and Sirs: this is a event for spanking/CP lovers at the Hoist we've been to a few times. We brought a few things with us, which were put to good use. At one point I was tied agaist a wall with my arms up, with the big metal collar (which stayed on until we left) and leather hood. Sir gave me a nice beating, arse and back, with various tools... and he also decided to rip my underwear to pieces. This was rather humiliating; I knew we were being watched by several guys so they also saw I was wearing my chastity device :O Master exposing me as his collared and locked pain slave... Okay it was kinda horny when I think about it again :)
Pics from later that evening:

Visit to Tskinboot: just like with my Master I hadn't seen him in a very long time and it was nice to just see each other and spend some time together. Of course he wanted to tie me up, and you know I can never say no to a man holding ropes lol. I had a haircut first, nice and short, the way it should be apparently... I was turned into a somewhat of a rubber gimp; rubber jocks, rubber vest and rubber hood, before he tied me up. I'll let the pics do the talking:

I got my "reward" at the end, second load of the day shot down my throat (first one was from my Master in the morning). Apart from that (hehe) it was a great evening and it's always fun to spend time with Tskin whether I'm in or out of his ropes.

Thursday: busy day! First some pup play, but again the stupid tail kept falling out :( So I didn't have the "full" experience heh. Related to that: earlier that week Sir gave me an awesome gift: a dogtag, with my pup name (Peperami!) and his address on it, in case I ever get lost :) I wore it since then, together with my tag with barcode and number.

 I had to set up the iron stocks (wrist and neck stocks, I'm sure there's a picture of it in one of my previous entries). I got quite a good beating with a variety of instruments while being in them, one of the best ever in terms of intensity and build-up. The position and the rigidness of the stocks also adds to the discomfort, not a bad thing to get into that "I'm just a piece of slave-meat and have to endure whatever my Master throws at me" headspace :)

I was allowed to relax a bit afterwards; that meant being in a pretty loose hogtie, still hooded, on the sofa, while Master was upstairs with his other boy. I really really loved this, being helpless and stowed away (but still comfortable, I dozed off a few times actually). I guess this appealed to my kidnap fantasies I've had since my childhood.
When I was allowed out of that, I had to go upstairs and Sir fucked me in front of the other boy :( It hurt! I'm not used to being fucked and it isn't really one of my favourite activities (that includes anything anal), so I just have to endure stuff like this :) It was somewhat humiliating being fucked in front of the other boy, who is used to that treatment and probably thought I was being a drama queen...

Friday: Fetishbound! Unfortunately Sir didn't come along, but I had fun and it was a great night. So weird -and amazing- that I hadn't been there in 10 months but people still recognised me and made me feel very welcome. Another reason why it's by far my favourite kink event.
And I certainly wasn't bored, Tskin tied me up (see below, more pics on the site), and later in the evening his lad had some fun with me, which included boot licking and getting a nice beating - to show someone else how a good boy takes a beating, ha! Anyway, really fun evening, happy memories...

Saturday: new experiences. We've talked about sounding and I wanted to try it. I was locked in the neck and wrist irons (really love those) and then Sir tried some sounds on me. It takes some getting used to but altogether it wasn't an unpleasant experience...which means I want to do it again. I think I mostly liked the humiliation aspect of it; basically getting my penis fucked by a metal rod, and since I was locked in the irons I was at the mercy of my Master...who, as always, takes good care of me. Definitely a positive experience, I'm happy we tried something new and found yet another thing to add to the wishlist for next time!

Sunday: last full day, so time for some classics :) I was mummified and we had some wax play. Some electro play as well but again, I don't think it's my thing at all. Took a little nap, something that happens often when I'm mummified actually.

Later I was allowed to have a wank, still wrapped up but with my hands free. First wank in two weeks, as always I'm locked in chastity whenever I'm in London. But right after my wank, Sir flipped me over and started fucking me :( Luckily it was fairly short but still hardly enjoyable. I have to admit, we talked about doing this a few days before, and I agreed, because I was horny at the time and it sounded kind of hot... but it isn't when it actually happens. I consider it a positive experience though, because it felt like another step in my submission to Sir... being fucked when he wants to fuck me, regardless of how I feel about it. It certainly made me feel more like I'm just a slave being used for his Master's pleasure, his property to use and abuse.

Oh and also got a hard farewell beating right after that... again closing with a classic: the evil cane! It left some nice marks as a reminder of my time in London.

It was a really really good stay, had some good scenes, of course the downside of being into so many kink things is never having enough time to do them all! So there's plenty on the wishlist for next time, as always.

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