October 31, 2013

Some xtube videos I like

One of my favourite fantasies/scenes is a "skinhead conversion"; meaning a 'normal' guy being turned into a skinhead slave. I think it's fun because it can have many elements I like: bondage, boot licking, mild aggro play, piss, etc., and of course 'forced' shaving.
I like the next video because it has some of those elements, overall I suppose it is kinda tame and quite short, but I really like how he gets his dog tags at the end and is part of the gang heh.

Related to that, here's another one involving someone I know hehe: http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=Maf4F-G149-

And then a more recent video:

I've really gotten into sneaker/sock sniffing this year (it's my pup side I guess) and of course I already liked foot play... so this is a very nice video for me. Super is such a great pup as well.

Moving on... I think everyone who reads this has seen (or should have seen) at least one NetterSadist video, they are usually quite good. I like the next one for a lot of reasons, but I guess mostly because of the noises the victim makes :D I've experienced the neuro wheel, and I love using it on boys as well. Haven't yet had ice cube and wax play, that will happen at some point I guess. Oh and there's some piss play at the end of the video for people who are into that...

And the last one...

This one I only like for the last part of the video... the evil dom uses toothpaste and a toothbrush on the poor sub's cockhead!!! Being uhh, a little sensitive in that area, this is almost painful to watch for me. I hope no-one ever does that to me... :P

Maybe I'll share some more videos next month... because otherwise my blog is pretty much dead.

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