August 17, 2010

short update

Sorry for ignoring the blog for so long, but I had nothing interesting to say anyway.

My last orgasm is now a week ago. And my next one is a week away. Yes, I'm trying to go for my longest period without orgasm ever.
How did this start? Well, sometime last week I thought "wow, I haven't masturbated in 3 days now!" The funny thing is, I have a sort of internal clock telling me this. On the 3rd night without orgasm, I'll ALWAYS have a dream involving sex or nudity or something similar. Always. It's really the only time when I have dreams like that. It's never a wet dream, just some sort of reminder I guess. I wonder if other men experience something similar.

Anyway, I started thinking of locking myself up for the rest of that week. I used the CB2000 this time. Personally I think it's slightly more uncomfortable than a cb6000, but I absolutely love the design, and I still like wearing it. So I did, and I'm still wearing it. Only took it off once to clean it, otherwise it's been on for 4 days straight now.
Starting from tomorrow though, I'll be babysitting my cousin for the rest of the week. He's almost 4 and very active. So I won't have time for anything kinky, and I won't be wearing my cb2000 either. I also won't be touching myself. I'm determined to have my next orgasm next monday, which would make it 2 whole weeks - 15 days to be more precise. I now I can do it.

I've also started using my Aneros again. I didn't take it with me on my vacation in june, and only really used it once or twice. Until a few days ago. I now slept in it for another 2 nights. No problems at all. I even had another very nice experience with it, like in the "old days": I took my time to do some breathing exercises, and felt nice and relaxed. After about 20 minutes, I softly began moving the aneros. And it started to pound my ass right away, without me doing anything. Really nice feeling, but I couldn't keep up with it. But, lesson learnt: the breathing exercises and relaxing beforehand are very important to get the full experience.
I'm now pretty sure I'll be another Aneros model, probably the Helix.

I have more to say, but no time! I'll update again next week.

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