August 18, 2014

London July visit

I went to London again in July, staying with Sir as usual. It was hardly the best stay I ever had, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. Sir was hosting one of his boys' boyfriend, who he offered my room as he had no-where else to go, which means I was sleeping on the sofa. I didn't sleep that well (to put it mildly), and then allergies/hayfever troubled me like it had never done before, which was very very annoying, and obviously also affecting my mood and energy levels. About halfway through my stay I sort of crashed and slept an additional 5 hours or so in Sir's bed while he was away, I really needed that. After that it went slightly better but still allergies continued to randomly trouble me. Not fun.

Anyway, you don't want to read about all that, so on to the kink stuff...

Fetishbound is obviously one of my main goals every time I'm in London. Unfortunately Sir was working but I would still be able to meet up with Boss TSkinBoot, who I hadn't seen in a year!!! I was happy seeing him and his pack again. It wasn't long until I was skillfully tied up...

Apart from that it was fun seeing other people play, but I mostly like watching TSkin do his magic, like when he suspended Trikoot (you can see some pics of that on the Fetishbound site). It was a nice evening and I really wish I could go to this event more.

On Saturday I finally got my much-needed haircut... In the afternoon we went to Boys and Sirs at The Hoist, with me in skinhead gear (scaring people on the way to the train, ha).

We had some fun before we noticed CPHMaster and his slave. And also a new Portuguese lad we later played with. I was even allowed to spank him hehe. He spanked me as well but since I had already taken a nice beating earlier, I didn't last very long. Anyway, he was a really fun guy with a great sense of humour, shame we didn't get his recon profile or anything :(

The next few days I got to meet some of Sir's other boys and had some play time with them... it was mostly me being mummified and getting some electro. A lot of electro. I generally like some electro play, but only for fun or relaxing, not as pain play or anything. One time Sir went too far too suddenly and definitely ruined my horniness. Crossing my pain level too quickly kills my horny mood every single time.
Other than that though, the electro was fun, there's this setting that feels like someone's tickling you and I just can't stop laughing when that happens :)

On Thursday we went to SM Gays at The Hoist. It was pretty quiet, and most guys seemed to be in their 50s or 60s, so not my crowd at all. It only got slightly better as the evening went on, but I did get a really good flogging by Sir. We also met up with the super-hot Zaff (he's the guy mummified next to me in the previous picture), and we had some cake because it was a birthday event. And we saw a skilled ropemaster trying out some things, that was nice to see.
Back home, I was feeling very submissive to Sir, and he felt like having a wank, so this happened:

This scene, including staying in that position after he already had gone to bed, was one of my highlights of this visit hehe.

On Friday TSkinBoot came over for dinner and some fun. Somehow this fun always seems to include me being tied up and humiliated... poor me. Okay okay it was fun and I always enjoy the company of TSkin whether I'm tied up or not.

Later another one of Sir's boys came over and I could rest a bit hehe. It was a pretty long evening though for me and I actually slept well for a change!

Saturday and Sunday weren't very good days for me, and on Monday I went back home, after being allowed a quick wank just before I left (which made it 2 weeks without cumming, having been locked up during my stay as usual).

It was certainly a visit with a few ups and downs, and ultimately I must say it left me a bit dissatisfied. The good things were meeting up with TSkin again, having some good play in clubs, and meeting some more of Sir's boys. The bad thing was, I didn't experience anything new at all, or continued to be trained in certain things. For example, last visit we did a lot of piss play and Sir knows it's something I wanted to be trained in further. But not this visit I guess. Sure, our play time was limited in more than just time due to circumstances, but in certain areas I expected more. And I really don't think I should feel guilty, both as a friend and as a sub, to have certain expectations based on previous experiences, and be unhappy when those expectations aren't met. I think it's normal that I want to experience new things and to "grow" as a sub, and that I get frustrated when I'm not learning anything new. Sir claims I'm "hard to please", which obviously isn't true :P I'm just curious about things and want to move forward. And on this visit I maybe took, at most, half a step forward. That's not enough for me.

The whole thing left me thinking; maybe I am more of a pup than a boy: I need lots of play, lots of sleep, a little bit of discipline and a whole lot of attention!! And I'm always hungry for more...

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