August 30, 2011

I contacted Master R, and he's up for another session with me. Probably somewhere late september. It's going to be weird, last session was 6 months ago, I'll probably not really enjoy it at first.
I've been dreaming (okay, fantasising) about a session with another slave. Master R would tell us to strip, while spanking us both occasionally. After a while he'd tell us to sit on our knees, on opposite ends of the room, facing away from each other. Then he'd leave the room, ordering us to stay where we are. Obviously, me being a naughty slave, I'd go over to the other slave and start teasing and fondling him. At some point, Master would enter the room and obviously be mad at me. He'd tie me up good, giving me a good whipping, and then turn his attention to the other slave. After he's done, it's my turn to be tortured again. He'd also make me suck the other slave's dick, while still spanking/whipping me, and with a vibrating plug up my ass.

That's pretty much my dream scenario, and I'll mention some things to Master R, but I don't want to "top from the bottom". A big part of the reason I've enjoyed our sessions is because we never made up a detailed scenario, he does what he wants (within my limits of course). I don't know what's he's going to do next, and I love it that way.

Something completely different then: PUPS!
Not the cute little furballs that make you go all warm and fuzzy inside, but the human kind. I follow a couple of boypups on twitter, and I read some blogs, and they left me intrigued. Being a pup doesn't interest me, but training one does. I already have quite a few ideas on how I would train a pup. I might talk about some of them in another blog entry. I'd love to try out my ideas in practice, but unfortunately the pup thing doesn't seem to be very popular in my region (or maybe all the puppies are hiding...), and I'm not sure I already have the confidence to be a trainer. Maybe in a couple of years, hopefully sooner.

August 16, 2011

sticky surprise...

Last night, I was very horny. Watched some porn and read some stories on altarboy's site. I edged myself several times, but eventually cooled down enough to lock myself into my cb2000 and went to bed. I actually slept quite well.

I was still horny when I woke up. I had nothing to do today, so I went on the net, and read some stories while I got hard in the cage. After a while I started edging myself again, multiple times I masturbated myself until I was about to cum. At some point I went to the bathroom because I had to pee. I was still stroking myself, didn't feel close to cumming, until suddenly a big stream of cum came out. For a microsecond, I was very confused, since I didn't get that orgasm feeling. But a few seconds later I did orgasm, and another stream of cum came out. I've never, ever ejaculated that much cum in my life. The same amount of cum I would produce from masturbating and cumming twice.

I don't really understand why this happened, but it was pretty awesome. I quite like surprises like these :)

Afterwards, I tried to have some anal fun. Medium butt plug still doesn't go all the way in. My dildo does, but I guess I wasn't really in the mood after all. I also felt pretty tired, so I took a nap - right after tying my ankles together with rope and handcuffing myself. I was suprised I could actually sleep like that. Maybe I'll do this more often...

August 13, 2011


I had an erotic dream last night. No, not a wet dream, since I woke up before something happened.

It was part of a larger dream, but I only remember the erotic part (hmm, I wonder why?). I was in a locker room of a swimming pool, and I was talking to another guy. He was wearing a speedo, and I could clearly see he was wearing a chastity device. I asked him if he was wearing one, he said yes, and told me he finds it embarrassing, but he HAS to wear the device + speedo. We talked some more, but his tone started to become more dominant. I had to completely undress while he inspected my body. He ordered me on my knees in front of him (I thought of saying no, but even in my dreams I'm a total slut heh), and he gave a sort of mouth guard "so you won't chew off my dick!" He told me to close my eyes, and I felt his still soft dick enter my mouth. I started sucking and licking it, it started growing and growing and... that's when I woke up. With a huge erection. Still, I wish the dream went on a bit longer.
I think one of the reasons why I also woke up is that parts of the dream make so little sense - or maybe I can't remember certain parts of it anymore. I know dreams aren't supposed to make sense, but my dreams always have some sort of dream-logic, something that this dream lacks.

Anyway, the dream has left me horny since I woke up. I did a few tweets about the dream, which made me get hard (really hard), and I started watching some porn, and masturbated a bit. Didn't cum though, and I put on my cb6000 just before I started this entry. Now that I'm secure again, I think I'll try to write down that nice story/fantasy I've had in my head for weeks now.

I also think I'm finally feeling ready to meet up with some masters again. I'm too busy with boring life stuff though, so it'll probably only happen at the end of september.

social - or not.

Today I realised again that I signed up for lots of bdsm-related sites, national and international, but that I never actually do anything with them. For example, I have a profile on Fetlife. I made it about a year ago I think, logged in a couple of times since then but never changed anything on my profile. It doesn't help that I don't have any friends, and that I'm too shy to actually talk to other people :/ Why did I even register in the first place? Hmm. So if anyone here wants to be my friend...feel free to add me:

I also have a lockedm4m profile, and I'm on the slave register. I vaguely remember some other sites I have a profile on, but nothing worth mentioning here really. I have a recon profile as well, but again, it's outdated and I should update it. The weird thing is that it says I have a premium membership, which expires in october...I'm pretty sure I never paid anything, and didn't get a note that my membership got updated (unless I missed that - messages disappear rather quickly on recon). I did get a notification in june that I haven't been on the site in a while and that my profile will be deactivated if I don't log in within 90 days, so maybe this is some sort of extra incentive to be more active on recon?

Another pointless update, this blog really has gone downhill in the past couple of months...

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