November 8, 2013

Tattoos and tobacco

I asked Sir for some topics I could write about, and his answer was "tattoos and tobacco", so that's what I'll be writing about.

Smoking fetish first. First of all I have to say that I hate the smell of smoke. Be it cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Tobacco stinks. I'm hyper-sensitive when it comes to some senses (my hearing especially), when it comes to smelling this can be a good thing or a bad thing, and with tobacco it's a very bad thing.

However, being forced to smell something I don't like in a kink scene is something else entirely. I still won't like the smell, but in the proper mindset it could be a horny scene. I mean, as a slave I have no right to tell my Master what to do... if he wants to have a cigar in front of me and blow the smoke in my face, fully knowing I hate the smell, what can I do? If I complain I'll get slapped or punished in another way... like having to wear the gas mask with him blowing the smoke through the hose... Yeah, that would be a good scene to do at some point. But definitely not something for every day.

Tattoos then. This has been pretty much a fetish since my teen years. Yet I still don't have any. I suppose there are two big reasons for that: I'm not sure about the design of the tattoo (even though I have quite a few ideas), and I feel like my body isn't a very good canvas for a tattoo. My body is full of spots and moles, especially on my upper back, which is definitely an area where I would have liked a tattoo. Another place I like for tattoos is on the legs, lower leg and upper leg. The upper leg allows for a more 'hidden' tattoo in a way, which I like.
One design I've always liked (and is still the most likely candidate I guess) is the vegvisir, a nordic compass sigil. Being blonde with blue eyes, I'm obviously a Nord myself (ha!) so if I ever need to make an excuse for this tattoo, I can say it's part of my cultural heritage!! I really like runes in general, at some point I tried to come up with my own rune-inspired alphabet, but I never went through with that. Still, the idea of the vegvisir and runes as a tattoo must have been in my head for more than five years now...
In general, I like simple designs and symbols, but I also like certain art styles, tattoos can really be art... I quite like the Japanese style, the full sleaves and back pieces are usually really impressive.

You can also have tattoos that fit in a master-slave dynamic. I must admit it's hot to see guys having a "slave" tattoo somewhere on their body, but I don't think I would ever allow that. In English (or any western language) in any case, if it was in Thai or Persian or something that also looks nice, I'd probably say yes. Something like "boy" or "submissive" in another language would work as well.

I've always liked barcode tattoos as well, in fact that was a tattoo that I had in mind before the Nordic stuff. More as a social commentary on how in a modern capitalist society, everyone is a product with a certain value. But of course that also works in the BDSM world. On The Slave Register you can get a randomly assigned number and barcode, and some people have a tattoo of this (I have my code as a dog tag).
Another idea is that of a chain link tattoo. It's sometimes part of my fantasies, my master deciding that I need a constant reminder that I am a slave, so he gets a chain link tattooed around my ankle... it would make me Rauber, in chains - permanently!! As I said before, the idea of having a master deciding my appearance, from haircut and dress style to piercings and tattoos, is one of my favourite fantasies.

That's all I can think of for now.

November 1, 2013

Kinky dream night.

I had 2 kinky dreams last night. I usually remember 1 or 2 dreams every night, but kinky dreams are pretty rare.

First dream: I was naked, tied up, chained and shackled on the floor. There's a big, bear-ish guy towering over me. "You're mine now, aren't you boy" he says in a booming voice. All sorts of thoughts race through my head. I realise this guy could easily break me in all the wrong ways. He seems to sense my worries and gives me a big, warm smile. For some reason that smile eases my mind instantly. He comes closer, smiles again, and touches my shoulder. I close my eyes, I feel my body relax, and I fall into a subspace free of worries. The only thing I'm aware of now is my cock growing harder...

Second dream: I'm with a dom who has tied up/mummified and gagged a boy. I slowly walk over the boy (not on him, but with one leg on one side and the other on the other side). I'm just being silly, but when I get closer to his head, he spits out his gag and says "please let me suck your cock!" I'm surprised by this, because I didn't expect to be part of the play, and also because I'm not that fond of having my dick sucked (explained that yesterday, I have a very sensitive cockhead). But I started considering it anyway...
The end.

First dream was great, and I wish I could draw (or, had the patience to learn how to draw), because I would love to make a drawing of that dream. It would be really easy to get the feeling of the dream across, maybe even easier than just writing about it. A picture says more than a thousand words, or something. If any creative people are reading this, feel free to use the first dream as your next subject. I'm sure there are pictures with this subject matter all over the place, but they are usually aggressive, while in my dream, the dom was intimidating but also warm and tender. Anyway, I liked the dream a lot. Both dreams were pretty realistic, in the way that I was very self-aware of my body and would react pretty much the same (physically and mentally) in real life.

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