February 21, 2014

London visit afterthoughts

It happens almost every time before I leave to London: I think "I'm not in the right mood, now is not the right time". It wasn't any different now; the days before I left I didn't feel kinky/horny at all and I wasn't in a submissive mood at all. I also had a few physical issues that only pop up when I'm feeling very stressed, so those few days were a bit weird. It was only on the Eurostar that random thoughts and memories made me feel happy and positive, and getting somewhat closer to a good mindset. There is, and always has been, a sort of transitional period of at least one or two days when I'm there (going from free boy to owned/collared boy), but it wasn't so bad this time.

It was a very different visit compared to the one last summer. Now it was mostly just Sir and me when it came to kinky play; last summer a lot of my play was with other people. And this time I had no complaints when it came to not getting enough play at home hehe. I guess like most subs I'm needy/greedy in that regard (someone called me a "hungry bitch" once heh), and last summer I felt a little bit ignored, and a few things didn't feel right (but that's complicated and I might save that for another entry...)

Since it was a short visit there were a few things we normally do but didn't have time for. No pup play or mummification, no over-the-knee spanking, oh and I think I licked his feet once (!) Oh, poor me! But I really can't complain, we tried some new stuff and everything worked out great.

One thing I'm not certain I enjoyed was getting beaten. Really weird, I know, but this time it just...kinda hurt, you know? I think I've said this before but I really don't consider myself a painslave or anything, especially not when it comes to whips and canes and stuff like that. I much prefer a spanking by hand, but that is usually done in an entirely different mindset.
Anyway, the enjoyment I did get from getting beaten this time was submitting to that beating... Like, when Sir wants to cane me he usually bends me over the sofa edge, he doesn't tie me up or secures me, and every time he hits me I jump up because it hurts! So, I kind of want him to stop, but at the same time, I want to be a good boy, a good sub, who doesn't complain when his Master wants to beat him... after all, any attention a dom gives to his sub is good attention, and the sub should be happy with that. So, I get back into position and wait for the next stroke of the cane :( It's a tough life being a boy... And of course afterwards I have to thank him for taking the trouble to beat me, and I get a hug. This cycle of events, including thanking him for the beating, is kind of a turn on, but the actual pain isn't.

There was a kind of pain I did like though... Deep Heat! I probably shouldn't say this too loud but I really do love having Deep Heat on my balls. It's a sort of annoying, slow and slow-burning pain, basically the opposite of the sharp pain of the cane (...huh, is it a coincidence that pain and cane rhyme?)
I guess I find this kind of pain easy to manage, although that depends on the dose obviously. If it's not enough I hardly feel it, if it's too much... well, I never actually had too much really. But when I have enough, I can still feel some of it hours after it was first applied. We tried some tabasco on my piss slit, and that was more painful and annoying in a 'hard' way, I certainly didn't enjoy it as much as the Deep Heat on my balls. But I heard next time I might have to do a 'tabasco wank' - not sure I will like that!

Something I really enjoyed this time was the piss play. Sir has been pissing on me since our first meeting, but I had no strong positive or negative feelings about it, until this visit. I don't really know why but I really loved it this time. Sir has assured me I will get further piss training... I get horny thinking about that and I'm very happy to be Sir's piss boy :D

Our first cigar play was fun as well, and is also something we'll be doing again. Like I said in the previous entry, it was very exciting and part of that was because it required a lot of trust between us.
Similar thing with him "bullying" me, this gets worse every visit but I trust him enough that it doesn't get out of hand. In the club he trampled me, put his boot in my face, and gut-punched me as well, in addition to the usual slapping/pushing about. This isn't really high on my list of BDSM things I enjoy, it's a bit of a challenge (more mentally than physically) but I know afterwards I'll get a hug from Sir. Yeah that's not very hardcore but that's the way we play hehe.

Anyway, it was a great visit, and it made me feel positive about my future as his boy. There is still so much we can do, and I want to improve as a sub as well, I get the feeling we won't get bored any time soon. I feel our friendship is as strong as ever as well, so I'm very happy with just about everything now. Still no sign of any kind of serious sub-drop, so that's nice as well.

That's all I can think of for now!

February 5, 2014

January London visit, part 2

(continued from part 1)

The day after our busy Saturday was a more relaxed day. We went to the British Museum and a pub and were home very early. So we had time for some play... cigar play!! It's something we've been talking about, and I even mentioned it in an entry here.
Well, it turned out amazingly well, seeing as this was the first time for both of us. The play itself was very horny, and very satisfying... and I don't just mean in a sexual way but also because a scene like this brings us closer together, you know, trying out new stuff that we both end up liking a lot, it creates a bond (or strengthens one that was already there). So this scene was great as a sub but also as a friend.

I won't describe the scene in detail here, but some things are certainly worth mentioning. One reason why it was very exciting to me is that Sir threatened to mark me with the cigar, telling me where he would mark me... now I knew he wouldn't do that (with my skin type it would be a scar for life) but it was still exciting. I trusted him 100% and I knew I was safe but there was still an element of danger, and I liked that a lot. I liked feeling the heat of the cigar, and as you can see in the videos, my back was used as an ashtray, with the cinders from the cigar sometimes burning me a little. That and the humiliation (like Sir blowing smoke in my face even if he knows I don't like it) were a huge turn-on... at the end of the scene I was definitely "in heat" and was all over Sir's cock (it probably helped that I hadn't cum in over a week).

So yeah, very very satisfying scene, even though neither of us likes the smell (or smoking in general!), it will probably be something we will do again at some point. It was great fun for both of us.
Here are some pictures:

And here's me looking like a tough cigar boy hahaha.

There are some videos of this scene as well, not very high quality or anything but it's nice to have a visual souvenir of this scene hehe. Check out the videos here (there are more on Sir's account).

Something else we did a few times was piss play. Well, Sir pissing on me, and that's it (though in different positions), this in particular was very humiliating... there is another good piss video, in which I drink (a tiny amount of) piss, but that won't be on xtube, right now it's reserved for the people I have on whatsapp hehe. 

Anyway, more piss play was definitely nice. I somewhat liked piss play before, but this time I realised I really liked it, so when I got back home I told Sir I would love to be trained further as his piss boy. I'm not sure why I suddenly liked it so much... I guess there are a lot of factors; it's still humiliating, but the fact that he uses me as his piss boy makes me happy as well (after all, any attention a dom gives to his sub is good attention), and maybe even a little bit proud that I am able to endure this for him. So it's not just about feeling the piss on my skin, or tasting it, but there's a mental/emotional aspect to it as well. At it's core, allowing someone to piss on you is a very strong act of submission in my opinion.

On the last day, I got to spend some more time in the irons, with a lot of Deep Heat on my balls and a bit of Tabasco sauce on my cock :O The sensations were making my cock hard, so Sir thought I was enjoying this a lot and put on even more... (and okay, I actually asked him to put on more as well). My little cock is always getting me into trouble!
After a bit of rest, Sir masturbated and came in underwear that I had to wear on my way home. Then I was allowed to play with myself, while telling me he would give me mark with the cigar on my pubes, and even get a tattoo around it, so every time I masturbate I see the mark he gave me... 
I didn't take me very long to cum...
And it was quite a beautiful cum I think, 4 nice little lines and a bit of drool, I don't think I've ever had this result before hehe. Last time I shot was 10 days before this, so it was a very satisfying cum.

But then it was time to say goodbye and go home :( 

It was a very nice stay, both in terms of kink stuff and friendship. I didn't meet as many people as I usually do on visits like this, but there will be other opportunities. I actually liked the fact that this time it was mostly just Sir, his bf and me. Having had Sir all to myself at Collared was good as well hehe. 
 I might have some more thoughts on this visit to share later, but for now I'll leave you with a picture of how my arse looked when I got back home...it's like someone painted it!

February 3, 2014

January London visit, part 1

I went to London late January to visit my Master. It was a short but very fun visit!

First beating I got was quick but hard :(

And I got a chain with a huge and heavy lock around my neck for the rest of my stay... so cruel... (okay I loved it but shhh) It was a bit annoying during the night as I toss and turn a lot so I had to readjust it from time to time.
The weight of course was a good reminder that I'm property, and when he's using a lock this big I must be pretty important property no? Hehe.

It was also nice to be in my usual position, surrounded by familiar smells and sights...a picture says more than a thousand words right?

Yes, I was a very happy boy.

On the second day I got tied up on a chair, something I've been wanting to be done to me for a long time... but I also got something extra in the form of electro-torture... Sir has a mean Tazapper (found a funny video that shows what it is), it's loud, flashy and very annoyingly painful...like Sir said, it's a good tool to make a boy behave himself. I definitely dreaded it, I didn't think it was fun at all.
The Neon Wand I liked a lot more then, although it can go from pleasurable to annoying, it's still not as "sharp" as the Tazapper.

It was funny when his boyfriend came home, I was facing the front door so it was sort of exciting/humiliating that the first thing he saw was me tied up on a chair. His reaction: "huh...did we get robbed or something, and did they steal his clothes and tie him up like this before leaving?"
Soon after they went to bed and left me like that... now my shoulder was starting to hurt a little bit (left shoulder always bothers me when I'm tied up for a longer time) so I discretely tried to get free, even though I knew he would not leave me there for the night... I still wanted to have a plan B! (and yes he came back to untie me)

On Saturday we went to The Hoist for Boys and Sirs. We met up with one of Sir's boys and the boy was used and abused all afternoon...I was really impressed with his stamina. There was another good dom that took really good care of the boy, it was really nice to see. I didn't get much action myself, apart from some quick (but hard) beatings, but I didn't mind that much really, I just wanted to stay with Sir.  It was fun when his bf showed up and kept teasing me. It was also cute that he got a lot of attention from other guys hehe.
I did get a bit annoyed with the people that kept touching the boy when Sir was playing with him, I mean, it's like they're leeching off the energy between two people... if they want to touch him they could at least ask... or capture a boy of their own, but I guess they can't do that so they leech off other people's play. I just don't like that. Even though at some point I thought "in 20 years I might be one of those guys...!!" But I guess that won't happen as long as I have friends into kink...

Afterwards we went for an (expensive) burger, and on our way to Collared I realised I forgot the rucksack with the gear in it at the burger place :( So I went back to get it and we went to Collared...
We were early so we had lots of space to play. Over the course of the evening I got beaten, bullied, kicked, trampled and humiliated... I suppose the "highlight" was being stripped and secured to the cross in the main room, with Sir rubbing Deep Heat on my balls... I was left to suffer for the amusement of the other perverts people there... very humiliating for me.

We didn't stay all night though, it was getting too crowded for me, Sir was tired, and with little to no play going on towards the end of the evening, we went home.
My problem (if you can call it a problem) with Collared is that it feels more like a night club for guys into kink, rather than an actual kink event. I mean, the DJ (who doesn't do a bad job at all) is supposed to be an extra asset but when I'm being beaten or licking boots, I have no need to hear Cyndi Lauper's Girls just want to have fun. You know what I mean? Although it was funny that last year, when Tskin was flogging me on the cross, the DJ played The Prodigy's Smack my bitch up (still don't know if that was intentional or just a happy coincidence). Anyway, it's not that I don't like Collared, but since play is the most important thing to me, I vastly prefer FetishBound.

Back home, we assessed the damage done...

I should also mention the ride home wasn't really very comfortable... of course I deserved at least some of that for forgetting the bag in the burger place :( 

That's all for part 1. In part 2: guess who gets to be the cigar and piss boy? 

February 2, 2014

My Master's new blog

Hi guys,

as some of you know, last week I went to London to spend some time with Sir. A full entry on this is coming very soon. One of my tasks there was to set up a blog for Sir (finally, right??). I did that, and today he has made his first entry. You can find the blog here:


It's still early days obviously but it would be nice if you could add it to your blog/reading list. Thanks!

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