August 26, 2013

To Sir, with love

thank you for training me as your boy
even though it's not always easy for me (nor you)
I know I have my limitations as a person and as a sub
but you know my respect for you and my submission is sincere
as friends we can have a good conversation and have a good laugh
as a boy I will always get a hug from you when I need one
yet I know the cane is never far away
be it a cuddle or a caning, I'm happy with any attention I get from you
even the puppy wags his tail when he feels your touch
you make me feel vulnerable, valuable and safe
and above all, loved
for a lonely boy from the orphanage, that means the world
(even though you are a dirty smelly southerner)
you are a great friend, master and daddy
as well as my mentor and eternal tormentor
it really is a pleasure to be your friend
and an honour to be collared by you
I'm looking forward to my next stay in London
and hope to serve you well
(but please don't feed me any porridge or chorizo!)

your boy

August 7, 2013

London re-view

Yes, finally. I'll do this by theme, and not 100% chronologically.

FetishBound. It was fun seeing the "regulars" (Tskin, Smse14, PupDH, etc.) and meeting some new guys. It was nice seeing the TSkin pack and some new, temporal addictions to the pack hehe. It would take some time to explain the hierarchy in that pack, but anyway, it was nice seeing them all together. Before I went I was sure TSkin would be too busy with his pack and other guys to give me any attention play-wise, so I wasn't expecting much in terms of action from this FetishBound. But he did tie me to the cross and gave my back a good flogging with these!! Maybe it was because this was my first action in some time, or that I'm not used to being flogged, but it did feel quite hard after a while, and near the end it was definitely close to my limit. Any harder and it would have not been enjoyable for me. But now it was okay and it left some very nice marks on my back hehe. Oh and it was nice that at one point Smse14 stepped in to protect me by taking some hits himself... He told me it was because I took some hits for him the previous time, so all is even now. Later on I was part of a paddling pile-up at the cross!
Even later CPHMaster and his friends came in. One of them was Bondissimo who tied me up. Eventually I ended up hogtied on the bondage table, "forced" to smell my own sneakers and at the mercy of evil people who kept poking and tickling me!!! What a nightmare! ...okay okay, it was actually good fun. I mean, I hated it, but in a good way, you know what I mean?
So all in all it was a very good evening.

Bondage weekend. I didn't do anything else Fetishweek-related, but I did visit CPHMaster on Saturday and Sunday - both days I was Bondissimo's bondage victim. He is a very relaxed guy who does great bondage. I was encouraged to escape, but couldn't do it until he did a pretty but fairly easy one the second day. I wasn't the only one being tied up that weekend though, Bondissimo had his partner along, and another friend of CPHMaster was staying over as well. There was so, so much rope in the living room hehe. So that was fun, even though I would've liked to have gone to Collared as well, but I can always do that some other time.
Spent also more(mostly non-kinky) time with CPHMaster during the rest of my stay as well. Although I did have fun at his place playing with a guy, together with Sir. Well, Sir played with him while I "assisted" hehe. I wanted to try out something new (scratching, in long, slow strokes - there's a fellow blogger who likes this a lot and I wanted to try it out on someone else). He loved it, far more than I expected, which was nice of course! Later, I got some tips on how to spank properly, had to try that out immediately of course, and since there was only one naked behind available in the room... I think the tips helped but I'll need a lot more practice to become a good spanker! And bigger hands...

Pup play. When we were in a shop, I noticed some dog toys and brought it to the attention of Sir. I saw a nice fluffy...creature (otter or something?) and when I found out it was actually a squeaky toy I loved it even more. So I gently coerced Sir into buying it for his puppy hehe.
As for the pup play itself, I got a new tail (anal beads, not easy to get into my almost-virgin(!) hole, but so satisfying when I wag my tail and feel it moving about). As always, the pup spent his time between sleeping and playing, which included sniffing everything and everyone, hiding shoes, eating socks, slobbering all over the new toy, and emptying Sir's suitcase which was still full of kinky toys (and smelled heavily of rubber and leather). Pup found something with a chain and probably thought it was a leash, but it turned out to be leather restraints connected by a chain - and the pup was promptly locked into them! Animal cruelty! :(
Anyway, I'm not as deep into the pup thing as most people I know, for me it's just for fun, and I find it very relaxing as well.

Family day at Thorpe Park! That was so much fun. Not just the actual rides and stuff (even though it was my first time there and everything was new and exciting to me), but also spending time with my "family" and a new friend (the one I played with at CPHMaster's place). So it was an amazing day, but at the end of the day I felt quite sad, knowing that days like this only come along once a year or something. But at least there are the good memories.

Being a boy. The dog toy, now named "Mr. Cuddles", got a second life as a cuddly toy for the boy. I was surprised how this, together with how Sir talked about it to me, could send me deep into a boy headspace. At one point it felt like the only thing that mattered was Mr. Cuddles and me being with him, nothing else. At the time, these moments felt normal, but thinking back on it, it was weird and maybe a little scary how deep I went. I'm not even that much into age play... so this was a very interesting experience.

Also, the worst thing ever happened... at some point, Sir sent me to my room because he wasn't happy with my behavior. That was probably the hardest punishment I ever got. Also because it was on our last evening. I'm going to admit there were some tears and I needed a lot of cuddles afterwards.

Being a horny sub. By the time I got to cum on my last day there, I had been locked up for 15 days. In the meantime Sir took advantage of my horniness :( We went to Spankz, we had some rough play while he told me a fantasy, it made me very horny. It resulted in me begging to suck his cock... was humiliating to do this while other perverts were watching us! Even after this I was still feeling very horny and subby, so I just had to lick his boots.
The last few days were awful. Was so horny I was humping the sofa in plain view, and instead of helping me Sir just made fun of my horniness, had a wank in front of me and ordered me to swallow his cum.
Then on the last day I was finally allowed to cum, after a bit of play, including electro and a beating of my cock and balls. Eventually I was allowed to masturbate myself, but had to cum within a 100 strokes, or the chastity device would go back on. Took me 75 strokes! I think in a way I didn't even want to cum, because I sort of liked being stupidly horny, and people taking advantage of my horniness hehe.

Daily kink. Most nights I slept with the rigid irons on, and the new metal collar. Got my beatings as well but not as much and not as intense as previous times. Then again, getting beaten on my back with the cane was new and the result looked really nice, not because he hit me hard but because of my supersensitive pale skin! (see the pic below).
I also spent more time naked than usual - normally something I don't mind, but it does feel weird when everyone is wearing clothes and you're the only naked one. This eventually made me uncomfortable enough to ask permission to put on clothes.
And I've been licking feet quite a bit, I'm still a bit weirded out how much I can get into this - but also how I sometimes want to say "fuck off" when Sir pushes his feet in my face hehe. I think it's one of those few things I like doing out of my own free will rather than wanting someone to force me to do it. If that makes any sense. Not that it does have to make any sense...

Final thoughts. I think that's about all I have to say. Overall, I got the feeling there was less play than usual, but then it also felt that I was really becoming part of the family, not just as a boi/sub but as a "normal" guy as well. It was really nice to have this sense of belonging, being appreciated for who I am.
It might be quite some time before I visit again, but right now I'm at peace with that. It was a long visit and I have a lot of good memories from it. I'm quite happy with how my relationship is with everyone I met on my visit, so I don't have that "unfinished business" feeling I get most of the time when I come back.
If I come up with some more thoughts on this visit, I might do another entry.

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