May 29, 2013

xtube video: edging session

Since I'm still waiting on someone to send me some pics of my London visit, here's something to keep you pervs occupied.

Here's the description of the video (it's a porn story on it's own hehe)

"boy was with Sir Joseph for 5 hours total and had an over 3 hour edging session with him consisting of 2 scenes. boy met Sir J at the hotel where he would be staying a couple hours ahead of when he could officially check in. So Sir J and boy went out for some food, we chatted, relaxed and hung out, it was good to get to know him in real life, much more talkative in real life then through messenger or text message. Sir J was exactly as he had presented himself through all our communication; really a nice guy. So after that boy was already feeling pretty comfortable. After that We went back to the hotel got upstairs and unpacked gear, still hanging out and relaxing a bit but breaking the ice, boy then decided to really break the ice and start things off and just put on his ball-lock in front of him (He was seeming shy/a bit nervous but eager so boy thought a bit of pushing wasn't a bad thing). 

Then we grabbed a drink at the Outback steakhouse and came back, boy double checked his clean-out and then was ready for the first scene. boy's wrists were bound then boy was tied in a rope-harness to which his writs were secured; boy was loosing feeling in his hands, and as Sir J was assisting boy in fixing this Sir J went through a great detailed explanation as to WHY boy was receiving that feeling, going in depth to the anatomy of the wrist and the nerve cluster there and so-on. Really reassured boy at how much Sir J knew what he was doing. While Sir J tied boy up he spent alot of time teasing and just stroking at boy's cock and balls, grinding against him and so forth, very erotic to be teased while submitting and becoming less and less in control. once fixed in the full harness boy was shifted onto the bed and his ankles were bound to the rope around his shoulders and then secured at the center of the harness, it was a very comfortable hog-tie,boy's hands were still bothering him a bit but boy was told to keep them moving a bit every now and again and it wouldn't be a problem and it wasn't. boy was then blindfolded and gagged with a big rubber ball gag then left there to ponder the situation, being helpless... tied up... at Sir's mercy. Truly an interesting moment, boy experimented pulling at things trying to figure out where Sir J had secured what, it was fun trying to reverse engineer the knots. boy just can't shut off the logic side of his brain. 

Sir J went right into fucking boy (with a condom of course), boy would go into more detail but to boy, fucking is fucking, it was fun but that was just the warm-up. After He was through He climbed up on the bed behind boy and had boy in more of a doggy style position and brought me to my first edge. then just left boy there as he sat down, helpless and bound, as He teased boy about how badly boy wanted cum, and how boy had to earn it. so boy blindfolded, gagged and hogtied squirmed his way over and using his face and tongue somehow found Sir J's crotch and he licked at Sir J's balls from around the gag as best he could tongue just barely able to snake out. eventually boy worked the knot of the gag loose (Sir approved boy removing it -- not in violation of boy rules). then boy could really get at them until Sir J got off for the first time. 

Then Sir J had boy on his side while he brought boy to another edge, then proceed to use what he bought the batteries for. a cock-ring vibrator with two very large bullet vibrators built into them. he used the vibrators as handles fucking it up and down boy's cock slowly while boy writhed and moaned. He easily brought boy to another two edges with that. then Sir J used his hand randomly just giving boy one stroke while boy was right on the edge. making boy yelp. this kept up for a LOOOOONG time... boy then got a surprise call from his (of all people) parents so after an hour and a half total we took a break. When we came back boy was tied simply wrists to ankles and boy was brought to a quick edge. then Sir said he would count to ten, and proceeded to polish boy's head ten times going slower and slower each time. boy was kicking and screaming. boy was brought to another edge and then was let to cool down. 

Sir warmed boy back up with another edge, going back to random stroking and smacking his balls around, boy was in bliss Sir. just incoherently moaning a ton. This same pattern happened again 2 more times, however the second time the count was 20, the 3rd time the count was 30 times! boy was going apeshit, kicking and moaning and yelling, boy thought for sure the cops were going to come. boy was teased for a long while more before boy then asked Sir politely if he would like to film this portion and Sir agreed, insert a plug in boy's rump and started filming..."

It's really a great edging session, and I love the interaction between boy and Sir... it looks like they're having FUN, you know, rather than creating a porn scene just for the sake of creating a porn scene. The Sir here looks so relaxed, but still alert and really takes care of his sub, communicating with him, joking around... he's very very good. Gotta love that moment near the end, where he keeps counting beyond a 100 hehe. 

Both boy and Sir are hot, and I've said this before, but as far as I'm concerned there's no sweeter sound in BDSM than the muffled moans, cries and pleas from a gagged boy. 
Also, both the video and description makes me think of when I was edged by my Sir J heh. I know how much torture this is - it's so intense, and it looks like the boy isn't even as sensitive as I am, so just imagine him being at least twice as loud and kicking about and making a scene, then you'll have an idea about what happened on my last day. Yes, that trauma is still very fresh in my memory! 
Then again, I guess something that was said in this video also applies to me whenever I complain about being hurt or uncomfortable or anything... 

"I thought you said you were a masochist!" 

May 21, 2013

May London visit

The first day was already awful: I was forced to eat vegetables!! I protested a little but I knew I would be punished if I didn't eat them (well, I would get punished anyway, but whatever).
The daily before-bed-beating wasn't new, but having to sleep in the rigid irons was! Only my wrists, but still. The first night was quite uncomfortable, trying to find a good position to sleep solidly. Second night went better.

We had a boy over, a cute pain piggy who just couldn't get enough of getting his balls smacked. I was allowed to torture him as well, using my hands, a little (but seriously nasty!!!) whip, the neurowheel, and even  kicking him with my boots. It was good fun for me, I have my sadistic side, but I still wasn't as mean as Sir hehe. Then again, the boy was very demanding, even when he was tied up and genitals exposed to our mean hands, so he deserved some actual punishment, and not just pleasure. And when it was all done, I've never seen anyone get his clothes on that fast haha. These straight boys, tsk tsk.

The next day I had my first taste of electro play. I was honestly expecting not to like it much (I'm a very 'jumpy' person so I thought the shocks would annoy me), but I ended up liking it a lot. Well, the softer pulsations mostly, not the very hard ones hehe. But definitely something I wanted to do more. Sir told me that at the end of my visit, he would try to make me cum by just using the electro...
In the evening I had the usual abuse... Sir really seemed to enjoy me practically choking on his cock... I didn't :( But what's a boy to do? If I refuse I get beaten, if I don't try my best I get beaten... well I get beaten anyway, but there's still a difference between the normal beatings and punishment beatings!!!

Friday was Fetishbound day!! But first I still needed to get a haircut. I didn't touch my hair at all since my previous visit (2 months ago) so it was quite long. I didn't want it very short either, so I told Sir that... but in the end he did it very short anyway!!! It was very rough, him pulling my hair and pushing me in the right position for him. That wasn't all though, when he was done I had to kneel in the bathtub, and he started pissing on me! First on my head, then in my face, and then all over my body.
I was allowed to clean myself up a bit before attending him with his shower. I was pretty deep into subspace by then; I was kneeling face down, hardly noticing what Sir said to me. I'm pretty sure he said something like "next time I'll piss in your mouth because that's what scum like you deserves" - although my mind was in a weird place and I might have made some things up. But that was really a great experience. Before my visit, I looked up some old conversations between us, and one of the things I told him, even before my first visit, is that I think getting a forced haircut and being pissed on are two of the most embarrassing things for me... and now I got both of those in one scene. So that really made an impression on me.

I had plenty of time to get ready for Fetishbound, but I was still unsure of what to wear. I brought along my "usual" gear (camo trousers and boots) and the sports gear I wore to FB once. However I knew Sir had a chest harness and I asked him if I could wear it to FB. I tried it on but it was far too big for me hehe. Still, I liked wearing it a lot, so I decided on my outfit...starting with a leather jockstrap I found in the toy chest hehe. So the chest harness, camo trousers, boots, black polo shirt, and my red Lonsdale jacket. And the neck chain of course.Together with my new haircut, I must have looked a bit like a skinhead! I certainly had the impression people on the tube/street were staring at me more than usual... which I kind of liked hehe. I went to eat at Burger King before heading to FB - fun experience as I was very aware of the chest harness :)

Right, actual Fetishbound talk then. I found TSkinBoot and his lad Smse14 and stayed with them most of the evening. Once I showed them that I was wearing a chest harness I had to lose the polo shirt and jacket hehe.   Tskin put a collar on me, and for some reason I also had to wear leather puppy mitts.
Tskin wanted to tie me up (yay!), first try didn't work out (too tight for me), but then later I ended up being suspended :) Yes, from the ceiling. This was very special... I mean suspensions always are special, but this was with TSkin and I'm not sure I would've allowed anyone else to do it. There is always a risk involved (even though I would have had a fairly soft landing if something went wrong) so the level of trust is very important. Also, it probably helped that I had been suspended before, so I already knew what it felt like, both physically and mentally. Physically, there's always going to be a fair bit of pressure on the chest area because the rope around that part needs to support both the chest and the head (and I have a very heavy head hehe). Mentally, there's always this inner "oh no I'm going to fall!" voice that needs to be shut up before you can enjoy the experience. I was prepared for both so I did enjoy it... it felt very short really! But I am a lucky boy that Tskin wanted to do this with me :)

After that, it was time for the other common activities...licking boots, sucking cock, etc. You know. And watching other people play, although I had the impression there wasn't that much action going on really, and most people seemed to have left around 10PM. Anyway, I also got whipped on my back by TSkin - while (sort of) protecting his lad from being hit hehe. Even though it didn't feel that hard, it left some marks (pics in another update).
It was a fun FB and it's always great to meet up with Tskin and Smse14.

Back "home", Sir put me in the irons again when I went to bed, but this time both my wrists and ankles! As I normally sleep on my side, it was very hard to get some sleep that night...but it was also very horny to be locked up like this... I was very helpless and had no choice but to wait for Sir to wake up the next morning to unlock me. Certainly not something for every night due to lack of sleep, but it was certainly a horny experience.

On Saturday I did some stuff around central London and took a very long nap in the late afternoon hehe. In the evening I got a hard beating :( Getting beaten while on the floor in the irons, wrists and ankles, arse up, always feels harder than getting beaten while standing up or even bending those cases you still have some control, but in the irons you can't shift your weight or anything... and mentally you also feel even more 'trapped' than usual. I definitely needed some hugs after this beating!!

Not much action on Sunday - in the evening I had a headache, I blame 3D cinema and some alcohol hehe. We were both chatting to a guy that was interested in playing with us, but I didn't feel like it and Sir wasn't too keen either.

Monday was my last day, and since Sir was home and my train was only at 5PM, we had some "fun". First I had to wear the tail plug and sniff Sir's underwear while he showers. Then I was taken upstairs, where Sir thought it would be fun to ride me :( On my hands and knees, I had to carry him around the bedroom. It was very degrading and humiliating, it was awful, and very traumatic! :(

Later I was mummified, with electro pads on my cock and balls. Even with the electro pounding away, I was nodding off anyway hehe. Can't help it, seems to be the standard reaction when I'm mummified. Anyway, once the electro went harder, there was a certain point where I came close to cumming... the rhythm of the shocks was perfect. I don't know if Sir noticed this but he stopped and used another setting...and after that I couldn't get close to cumming again :(

And after the electro the real torture started :( Curse my sensitive cockhead!! Sir was rubbing it, whipping it, slapping it,... it was sooo intense for me, I'm sure I made enough noise for the neighbours to call the police (then again, they're probaby used to the screams by now...)
Sir tried to gag me - I was wearing a hood but just closing the zipper wasn't enough, but stuffing his sock in my mouth wasn't enough to shut me up either hehe. Look, I can't help being loud, if you want me to be quiet, stop torturing me hehe. Anyway, this went on for HOURS (or so it felt like), up until I was sure Sir wanted me to cum and not just torture me... told him I can't cum when my cockhead is this sensitive... so he stroked me the good way, and told me a fantasy about keeping me in the irons, hooded (blindfolded) and diapered for 24 hours...well I didn't need much more than that to shoot hehe. But he kept wanking me so it wasn't that enjoyable really...

And after that I got another caning :( Well okay I was given the choice to take it or not... but of course I wanted to be a good boy and take it to make my master proud. It wasn't even that mean of a beating...well not as mean as I know Sir can be!!

Well that was about it. I haven't talked about everything that happened, and I'll talk more about my feelings in another update. And at some point there should be some pictures as well, though not as much as last time.

May 6, 2013

Yes, again

Tomorrow I'm off to London - again. It took me some time again to make the decision, especially since this time I won't get to spend as much time with Sir compared to my last two visits, but I decided to go anyway. I'll be able to go to FetishBound as well - without Sir but I can meet up with TSkin and CPHMaster (if any of them have time for me hehe). I already made some vague plans for the days Sir has to work, so I won't be bored (much). 

On the kink front, we'll try some new things, and I have a big punishment hanging over my head... I'm a little scared for that one :( As it stands now I also won't be allowed to cum at all on this visit :( Poor boy. Hehe. 

I might do some blog updates while I'm there as I'll probably have more time to do them, but I'm not promising anything!

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