July 30, 2011

what's that smell?

There's this nice guy - well, boy actually, he's only 18 - I met on twitter. We talk freely about sex (and other things!), and a few days ago, I got him to send me a nude pic. And he did it again today. Apparently he's never done that before. I actually believe him.
I'm a bit confused with the whole thing though - I quite like him, but he's not really into me, he just sends me the pics to get attention I think. I also feel sort of bad because I "corrupted" him in a way (even though he could've always said no, so at least part of him is already "corrupted"), and because of his age, he sometimes makes me feel like a peadophile! I'm 'only' 11 years older, it could be worse I guess. But anyway, this won't be going anywhere, we live too far apart for anything to happen. If I can be really honest, he's hot and I'd actually love to have sex with him, even make love with him if you know what I mean, so it's a shame he lives so far away. If he didn't, I'd definitely try everything to get in his pants :)

Yesterday I masturbated to some porn while I still had my clothes on. There was cum on my underwear and t-shirt. I went to bed with that underwear and t-shirt still on. I know I'm not supposed to blow my own horn *cough* but I really love the smell of my cum sometimes. It's usually very sweet. I think that's because I drink too much coke... The cum from my "ex" didn't smell that strongly.
So question of the day: what does your/your partner's cum smell (and taste) like?

July 20, 2011

blog talk

I noticed blogger now has its own visitor counter thing, so I activated it to see how many people visit this blog. I'm quite surprised with the results, around 350 this week alone. I have another "geek" blog, which I started 2 weeks ago and that only got about 70 visits in total - and I bet half of those was just me checking again and again if the layout and other things looked good whenever I made a small change.

Anyway, back to this blog. It would be interesting to see (for me at least) which entries get the most views. Wouldn't be surprised if it were the 3 bondage session updates. I went through my post history, and to be honest, there's nothing really that interesting here. There are far better written, more informative blogs out there, and people looking for masturbation material are better off elsewhere.
In my opinion, there's always something double-edged about a public blog. I use a blog like this mostly to just get things of my chest, not unlike this entry. But then I know people actually read my blog, and sometimes I worry about that too much. I start thinking about the quality and content of my blog (ie. is it too boring? Not enough pictures? What should I write next? What do my readers want from me?), and the more I start thinking about that, the more I feel like not writing anything at all! And when I feel like writing something, I think too much about what I should or shouldn't write - which defeats the initial purpose of this blog, which was made so I could have my own little corner on the internet where I could freely talk about my kinky desires and fantasies.

Conclusion: I should stop thinking so much about things that don't matter at all. From now on, I'll write whatever I damn well please!!


July 15, 2011

I'm still here...

Haven't updated in a while due to a variety of reasons - mostly stupid "real" life interfering with my "kink" life. You know how it goes.

Again, I'm sad to say that I've been a very, very bad boy. I've gone back to my usual masturbating schedule, which is once a day or once every two days. I've been wearing my cb2000 or 6000 occasionally, but obviously it only made me even more horny. The fact that I found more kinky pics (on flickr) and videos (on xtube) didn't help either.
I also make up random kinky stories in my head, they always have something to do with chastity and bdsm, and most of them are very similar but sometimes they're a bit different. Like the one I had last night. In it, I was being made the slaveboy for life of a woman from a very rich family. I had to wear a steel collar and a steel chastity cage at all times, and to mark me as "family property", I had to get a tattoo of the family's coat of arms. My mistress lived together in a castle with her elder brother, who has his own slave girl. Owning a slave was family tradition of sorts. The slavegirl got the same treatment as I did, but she was further along in her training, and she was kept in chastity for longer periods of time.

Now, I was masturbating to this fantasy, and for some reason I came when thinking of the slave girl. It really doesn't happen a lot, I rarely fantasize about slave girls (usually my fantasy just includes me and a master/mistress), and when I do it's usually in a setting where I'm the master. Here, she had no relation with the "me" character in my fantasy. Weird. Maybe it was just very random. I don't mind, though, I like a bit of variation in my fantasies. Usually I pick up things from reading or seeing bdsm/chastity porn, but sometimes, like this slave girl, it just comes out of nowhere.

I'm also thinking of writing another fantasy story, and maybe even send it to the tpe.com/altarboy site. There's a distinct lack of gay chastity stories there, and I'm sure I'm not the only one being dissappointed by that. I have one fantasy in mind that would make a good story to read, but I haven't written anything down yet. It's nothing special, really, but I wouldn't mind sharing it.

Also, what happened to the locked and denied site? I've been trying to get in for weeks now, but it's always down. I hadn't visited the site for quite some time, so was there some kind of announcement? Did the site move to another url? I know some readers were on that site as well, so I'd appreciate some info (if there is any). I really liked locked and denied, it had a great, supportive community, lots of friendly people. It'd be sad if it never came back online. I know there are other sort of kinky social network sites, but locked'n'denied was easily my favourite.

I haven't been seeing Master R or anyone else recently. Haven't had any kink-related contact with people at all. I think I lost my nerve a bit. A couple of months ago all this seemed pretty normal, but now it's hard for me to imagine meeting up with someone who is going to tie me up and spank me and stuff. I don't know. I think I'm going to talk to Master R about this, not sure if he'll understand but I feel like I have to talk about it to someone.

That's all for now.

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