October 20, 2014

More blog links

I haven't done one of these in a while... I figure everyone knows where to get porn, so I'd like to focus on blogs that have more words than pictures!

This is the new blog from my "little bro" Denon. As you might have guessed from the title, it deals mainly with the mental aspects of BDSM. It's very well written and certainly gives you food for thought. He's actually inspiring me to write my own thoughts on certain topics, so my blog revival will be mainly thanks to him :)

This started out as a blog closer to that of the great MetalBondNYC, but lately there have been a lot of more personal entries. The interesting thing is that both Master and "pig" (his owned slave) make entries. We briefly talked on recon a couple of months ago when the blog was still new, and it's nice to see how it has grown. 

I've been following this blog for ages now, but I'm not sure I ever mentioned it. He's a really nice guy who gets himself into all sorts of BDSM-related trouble... and he loves pretty much everything. I really respect him because of his positive attitude, and from what he writes he really is an excellent sub. I love reading his adventures and hope I can meet up with him some day.

This is a fairly new blog, and as you might suspect from the title is it mostly about guys being gagged! It's more than that though, there are a few really honest and deep entries that really are worth reading (like this one) so even if this isn't your main fetish, I would say the blog is still worth following.

I've been following Bri on twitter for quite some time now, and I really enjoyed reading his exploits at this year's Folsom Europe. Great guy.

This is someone I admire a lot, not just for the amount of time he spent/spends in chastity, but also for his work at FetishBound and his dedication to being a good boi. A lot of what he writes about the mental aspect of BDSM resonates with me, and I always look forward to reading more of his thoughts.

That's it for now. If you want to read more blogs, you can always check out my blog list.

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