September 4, 2010

I've been meaning to update for about 2 weeks now, but you know how it goes.

I actually did manage to go 14 days without orgasm, an absolute record for me. I was planning to do another 2 days, but I had a little accident heh. Although, that's not exactly true. I didn't really plan to get an orgasm, but I did my 14 days, so I didn't mind either way. It really was a great orgasm though. The last time I went without for over 10 days, the first orgasm was sort of...uncomfortable in a way. I can't really explain it. But this one felt really good.

I also had 2 erotic dreams in that time. I now can't remember the first one - it was definitely something involving nudity, but no sex. The second one was a bit different. In it, I met up with an old school friend (who I haven't seen in years). Someone told me that he's actually into bdsm, and has a leather fetish. Anyway, in the dream, he took me to a secret entrance to an underground market/university thing. There were a lot of stalls where I could sign up for certain courses, or buy fetish gear. I had to register first at the reception. The woman at the desk also gave me a little plastic bag with what seemed to be dog treats. I though it was a bit weird, but hey, it was their place so I was going to play by their rules. I was told to take one treat right away, so I did. Then I was free to check out the rest of the place. I don't remember much from that, I only remember something at the end of the dream: I was watching tv, and they mentioned the market, and in particular those dog treats. Turns out they were really harmful drugs, and a woman talked about how she got stomach cancer because of them.
Yes, weird dream.

Anyway, I have a lot of reading to do, haven't read any other blog updates in quite some time.

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