July 6, 2013

London wishlist

Every time I visit Sir in London, I'm allowed to make a little wishlist of things I would like to do, and write some short little fantasies. No, that's not topping from the bottom, it's being a good sub! Seriously, with this, and especially the fantasies, it's easier for him to understand my (sub) mindset. I think this helped us out especially the first few times I went to visit. I'm not the most communicative sub out there, so sharing the way I normally think and feel during during a session, and writing about things that turn me on and especially why they're turning me on, is a really good thing to do on beforehand.
I have the feeling this became unnecessary  for the last couple of times I visited, as we are pretty much "in tune" now, but I still did it and continue to do it. I quite like writing the little fantasies. Sometimes the wishlist is very short (I think two months ago, all I wished for was more time in the irons, and trying out electro), but now it's a long list and a few fantasies!! I do feel sort of bad about it being fairly long, but it's not like I'll bring along a checklist and leave disappointed when I wasn't able to check the box with everything. They're suggestions, not orders.

Normally I wouldn't share this on my blog, as I feel it's something personal that can sometimes make not much sense to readers if you don't know our background and how our relationship works, but Sir ordered me to share it, so...

Here's the list:

Lots of hugs. Every day.

Let's see if I can wear the metal collar for an extended period of time, or if it'll cut into my skin after a while. If there are no problems with it, I'd love to wear it all the time (indoors that is...)

Some pup play, would really like doing this when we have a quiet night in.

Being "forced" to stay naked indoors, and not allowed to use any furniture, for at least one whole day.

Going to Camden and get me tattooed/pierced. (just kidding...or am I?)

We should at least talk about making me a "hypno" mp3... like we talked about before; something I could listen to every night before going to bed, with you telling me I'm a good boy, that I need to submit to you, that it feels good to submit to you, etc., something very positive in general.

If you're free those days/nights, we could go to one of these: Spankz (Thursday), Feet on Friday (guess), Boys and Sirs (Saturday).

Some more anal training maybe? I'd like to try the metal plug again as I can't believe I got that in last year.

Morning and evening beatings, please :) With the cane, not with the wooden brush!

The fantasies:

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