July 22, 2012

Some more London thoughts

First of all, I have to say I feel a great sense of gratitude towards J that I cannot express in words. Saying "thank you" to him just isn't enough, not even if I say it a hundred times. He allows me to explore my kinky side without steering me in a direction that only benefits him, like so many other doms do. He is an enabler, not an enforcer. Above all though, he is a very good friend. Nowadays that is a very rare thing to have, so I'm very lucky I met him.

So, what have I learned about myself on this trip?

July 20, 2012

The London Report

One of the first things that happened when I arrived at J's was me getting a haircut....as in, cropping it very short. TSkinBoot asked J to do this, but J and I already talked about this months ago so I was okay with it (and you'll see the result a bit later in this entry). Had a lot of mixed emotions when he was shaving me, and I'm still not sure I like it, but I won't complain about it because I know I'll get punished for that heh.

So, after that I went to FetishBound, and you already know what happened there :)

The day after (Saturday), before going out I asked J to check if I had bruises on my ass from TSkinBoot's beating. Instead of being all "oh you poor boy, did that evil man hurt you?", he actually gave me a serious spanking!! I could feel him getting hard as I struggled to escape heh. Well I finally did leave with an ass even more sore than before, and met up with TSkinBoot. We went to Expectations, a really nice fetish shop. Very expensive though! They had lots of things I was interested in but I didn't buy anything.
Then we had lunch and ice cream:
...Yes, give me ice cream and I'm a happy boy!

Soon after that it was time to say goodbye to TSkinBoot. I didn't feel like wandering around central London, so I went back to J's place. Nothing kinky happened that day, and the day after that (Sunday), I was basically alone all day. It was probably the hardest day for me because I was very, very horny but there was no-one around to help me with that, and when J came home he was tired and went straight to bed. Poor me! I still didn't masturbate, as I enjoyed being in a horny mood (but still hated not doing anything kinky). 

On Monday I finally did get some play...J tied me up (still with my clothes on), teased me, tickled me,... it was fun trying to resist his tickling hehe. 
After a little rest, J got the cane out and I received quite a beating! Not just on my ass, but he hit my cock and balls as well. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before but I absolutely hate getting hit on my balls. After a while I was begging for mercy, but I got none :( My problem was that I was still very hard all throughout this. Normally, I get hard at the start of a beating, but then lose my erection once the beating gets beyond a certain level of pain (and that level is actually quite low). This time, I was hard at the start but never lost my erection. I think it was a combination of being super-horny already, and I have to be honest that the begging for mercy thing (but knowing that it's out of my hands anyway) turned me on as well (and I'm pretty sure J liked it as well heh). J teased me about my hardness of course, and obviously I couldn't deny that I was hard!

Then he had me hump the bed, with him helping me fantasise about fucking Peter (the swimmer). After a while I was allowed forced to masturbate. The thing that made me shoot wasn't fucking Peter by itself, but basically degrading him as nothing more than my sex toy. Hard to explain I guess, but it was definitely a fantasy that tapped into my (very underdeveloped) dom side. It was very weird in a way, since I felt very submissive to J after that beating, but in the fantasy I could very cleary see myself dominating and fucking Peter. Conflicting feelings, and I still asked J for permission to cum. I didn't even hear what he said as I was already shooting my load (hadn't cum in a week, so yeah). Anyway, a very interesting experience. 

One bad/weird thing that happened was that at some point I seemed to have blood on my penis. Not sure if it came from the caning or the rubbing against the bed, and it wasn't really bleeding anymore by the time we noticed it. In any case it didn't hurt, and we went on with our little session. Afterwards I did a thourough inspection of my penis, and even though some of my foreskin seemed to be a bit bruised/swollen, I couldn't find any cuts or wounds at all. So I really have no idea what happened.

Then on Tuesday there was some more play, with me being mummified in plastic wrap again, and worn underwear over my head that I could sniff. I got to listen to some taiko music (Japanese drumming) through earplugs, but it didn't do much for me. I still drifted off mentally, but only briefly, and not as "deep" as previous times. After a while he put on some BDSM videos so I was listening to people getting beaten up heh. He allowed me to masturbate to this, and I did while listening to a video that had a very nice rhythm. I came very close to cumming but apparently the browser crashed, and he put on a video that had a much harsher beating,   the hardness of the strokes and the guy's whimpering and moans were actually a turn-off and I just didn't feel like masturbating anymore.
I still got beaten with the cane while being mummified like that (also on my chest/nipples!), but after that video failure the session was over.

And after that I got another beating for disobeying heh. J told me to get dressed after I took a shower, but I sort of...didn't listen to him. I guess I was in a cheeky mood. While he got the cane, I could've easily run upstairs to get my clothes, but I still waited for him to beat me. He even got his boyfriend to cane me a bit, after a few strokes that were way to soft he actually hit me pretty good heh. But he didn't enjoy it I think, which was a shame hehehe. Anyway, I was still naked, and J basically had to chase me upstairs before I put my clothes on. That was fun! Although afterwards I did feel sort of bad for not obeying J instantly, I guess I still considered him too much as a friend to have fun with and not enough as my superior. If I really want to be a good boy I should be more mindful of that. Saying that though, I still think it was a pretty fun scene :)

And that was about it when it came to kinky play!
I have more thoughts about my stay in London, but I'll do that in another entry since this one is already too long :)

July 19, 2012

FetishBound pictures!

Hurray! They're up! Finally!

And if you're too lazy to click that link, here are some that have me in it, suffering under TSkinBoot heh:

 (Spiderman = Trikoot)

(I have to admit this is a very cute picture heh)

 (Getting my punishment!)

I'll do an update about other London stuff soon!

July 15, 2012

FetishBound review

It was great!
I have to say I like the FetishBound event a lot more than the spankz evening I went to with J (which was at the same place). Now there was a lot more variety in age, gear, etc. I really liked that there were a lot of young guys now, a lot more than on a usual kink night I think. And also lots of international people, of course there was me, but there were also people from Finland, Ireland, the US, The Netherlands... for a fairly small event, that's very impressive.
The atmosphere was very relaxed, it was nice to see so many fetishes together. I especially loved that there was a little kennel there, and I think there were about 5 or 6 pups that evening. Very cute. There was also another guy in very similar cycling outfit heh. And a nice boy in a very nice chastity belt. And Spiderman was there as well. And obviously also people in leather, rubber, various uniforms, etc. See, something for everyone!!

Now a bit about what happened to me :)
TSkinBoot and I arrived at around 7.15 and the place was already very crowded. I got changed in my (well, TSkinBoot's) cycling gear. We socialized a bit first and then started our play.

He put me in a nice bondage around my torso and with my hands behind my back. When he was done I had to entertain Spiderman a bit while he was being tied up in a chair by one of the Tie Em Up guys (I don't remember any of the names I heard that evening, sorry) in one of the smaller rooms. He gagged and blindfolded me, and got me ready for my punishment by bending me over the bench and tying my feet to it. My punishment was quite a hard (but deserved) paddling. I can't really say I enjoyed the paddling, but it was a punishment so obviously I wasn't meant to enjoy it heh. But I did really enjoy the experience of being tied up and gagged like that, and happy I could take punishment.

After he untied me from the bench and removed my gag and blindfold, he put a gasmask on me. It was a light mask and I was quite comfortable with it, I really liked being in it. He tied another rope to me so he could lead me around the main room heh. Got quite a few looks, I think people were impressed with TSkinBoot's bondage work.

A while after the mask was removed, my shoulder started hurting suddenly (and not a good kind of hurt!!), I told TSkinBoot and he untied me. I was a bit annoyed at myself for that, as I loved being tied up like that, but the pain was really too bad to continue.
That wasn't the end of the evening though, TSkinBoot tied up another (very horny!) boy, and I had fun watching them play and teasing the boy now and then.

So it was a very good and fun evening, I definitely want to go to FetishBound again, even if I can't find anyone to go with me. Like I said, it's a very friendly and relaxed event (even if it's quite crowded), so even a shy guy like me can go to it and still have fun.

As for meeting up with TSkinBoot, he is a great Boss, plays safely, and I felt very good with him. Early on he discovered one of my weaknesses (no, you can't know what it is!!) and abused it hehe. But of course I loved it. So I definitely want to meet up with him again.

No pictures yet but the official photographer took quite a few of TSkinBoot's work, so at least some of them will show up in the FetishBound gallery sooner or later. I'll put them on this blog once they're available. Maybe there's also going to be one of me and my new haircut hehe.

I probably forgot to mention a few things but that's all I can think of for now :)

July 12, 2012

preparing for London

In a couple of hours I'm leaving for London again, for a kinky holiday. I'll be staying with J for a week again, and will be meeting up with TSkinBoot for FetishBound.

I still have moments in which I doubt that it's a good thing I'm going, but now there are also feelings of nervousness and horny thoughts involved heh. Mixed emotions, but I am looking forward to it really.  I haven't spoken to J about my stay with him that much, but I get the feeling this stay will be more as a friend than as a sub/pup/slave (although I'm sure there will be enough of that as well, since it seems to cheer him up when  I'm naked at his feet with a fresh red arse!)

I probably won't be doing daily updates, but I'll definitely try to write a bit about my FetishBound experience.

Well, that's it I guess!

July 1, 2012

holiday update

Since I have wifi in the hotel room (thanks to being on the first floor, right above the reception), I can spend quite some time on the internet - and even make a blog entry!

And just because this isn't a BDSM holiday doesn't mean I'm not suffering. The sun is trying to kill me, for one. I got sunburnt really badly (my arms but also on my hands, can you believe that?!), sunspray factor 30 does nothing over here I tell you! A lot of times I also have a runny nose, but I don't know if it's allergies or something else, it seems to be very random and always happens when I'm here.

My dad is also a very evil sado-masochistic boss!! He's getting old and I know he suffers when we do long hikes, especially the ones with steep downhill sections (bad for his knees). But I think he wants me to suffer as well. Two days ago, I bargained a resting day: no hikes, but I had to go swimming in the morning and in the afternoon, while he did nothing. Well, I did, but my muscles ached more after that than on a normal hike! Obviously that made him happy...

Anyway, mostly because of lack of privacy, I've been a good boy, and haven't masturbated since I left home. I wonder if I should stay chaste until I get to London, hmm...
I've been thinking a lot about London actually (even had a few dreams about it - sadly non-kinky heh), really looking forward to it, meeting up with old friends and new friends, and hopefully quite a bit of kinky time, as I feel I really need that after 2 months of going without.

Some pics of where I am now:

I quite like the solitude of the mountains, but at the same time, there's so much life on a mountain! For a city boy like me, it's a whole different world.

For example, this is something I shot on the first day, I had never seen something like it before and looked it up later that day...apparently it's a species of the very common stone fly. 

Me in the swimming pool (which is really more like a kid's pool, but whatever)

Picture from a hike we did yesterday. A small part of it was a difficult and somewhat dangerous, with a bit of sloped snow to cross and a steep descent on loose little rocks - both things I hate, but we had worse. Apart from that small hard part it was a very satisfying hike.

Anyway, that's all I'm going to share about my holiday, I feel like I already wrote too much about it!

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