September 29, 2016

London visit August 2016

A little later than it should be, but it's better than nothing! *looks at the other kink blogs that haven't been updated in ages*

So, mid-August I was finally allowed to stay with my Master. I hadn't been there since December the previous year, so I was very eager to see him again.

The evening I arrived, there was time for a little induction: Master gave me a haircut (very short) and ordered me to trim my pubic region as well. No chastity device this time, for the first time ever I think. He also made it clear my place was at his feet (which I don't mind, especially if I can smell his socks and feet).

The day after it was Fetishbound. I wanted to wear something else than my usual boots-camos-polo combination, so I bought cheap jeans and bleached them. With, let's say moderate, success. In any case I was happy to wear something new and was now in "full" skinhead gear.
The evening itself though, didn't turn out to go as well as I hoped. Master didn't go with me. Even though I saw many familiar faces, I felt like a stranger there and didn't really initiate conversation with anyone. Lots of doubts in my head about not fitting in, etc. I know it was silly of me but that's how I felt. Of course there are always some people that make me feel welcome, TSkinBoot and his lad as well (he always give me some attention... a lot of times pretty painful attention hehe). TSkin also tied me up later and gave me a firm beating, and my free-for-once cock also got attention :O I said this before, but I really can't stand people sucking my cock, it's still such a weird feeling for me. I'm so sensitive and the sensation is worse than being tickled. It's hard to stay hard (ha!) when experiencing a sensation this intense :(

Saturday Master and I went to Boys & Sirs. Not my favourite event and definitely not my favourite crowd, but we had some fun anyway. Master had a fair bit of fun with other guys as well, including my bro-slave and another guy I've played with before. It was a fairly hot evening, especially when I wore a gas mask hehe.

Sunday I wasn't feeling that good and had to cancel going to a BBQ :( Probably a combination of eating something I wasn't used to combined with Master having given me a fairly hard belly punching! Felt better in the evening and went for a little poké-walk (which was all the rage then...funny how quickly hypes die).

Next few days were relatively low on kink play, but the weather was nice and I explored some Greater London areas like Hammersmith and Kingston. Which was really nice.

Thursday we went to SM gays, met TSkin there as well. Crowd was generally more to my liking, a fair number of skins and rubber gimps :) I was thoroughly abused and degraded though... Licking boots, having to crawl on the floor, having my nipples abused,... the torment was almost endless :P Even worse when TSkin tied me against the chair at the entrance, beat me, and eventually fucked me :( It was very humiliating for me to be tied and fucked like that "in public"... but yeah okay, when I think about it now I get hard hehe. But at that moment it was pretty uncomfortable to be tied and fucked in that position, and I never feel 100% safe/comfortable at clubs so there was that too. But would I do it again? Hmm... not by choice I guess, but when I'm tied up and gagged I don't have much choice do I?
I also loved that afterwards, Master told me he was so disappointed in me, being on display like I was the town whore or something hehe.

A fun scene we had at home was the "cockhead" scene. Over the past few months I regularly joked about fucking Master (which usually ended with him saying something like "with a cock as tiny as yours, I wouldn't even feel it!")
Well, after he mummified me, he taped a dildo to my forehead, and had some fun with it. Yeah. Took a pic of me in that position too. "Now I have proof you're a dickhead!" Can't deny it. And no you can't see the pic.

Anything else... I slept in the wrist irons one night. I was also pissed on several times. Always fun... I need to get better at drinking piss though. I would love a piss gag, so now you all know what to buy me for Christmas :P
I got to eat quite a bit of cum too, Master seemed to like me cleaning up after he had a wank, and sometimes shooting it straight into my mouth. I'm guessing part of this was to show that he can enjoy himself while I, not in chastity but still on a cum ban, couldn't. I was allowed to cum on the last day, but very unceremoniously, I wasn't allowed to pull it out, I had to cum inside my shorts. Better than nothing! It did leave quite a mess though...

That's all I can think of for now. Despite the fact we didn't play that much (but then, I'm a greedy bitch when it comes to play apparently) it was a very positive visit. Bit of a rough start maybe, but I was never bored and had fun even when I was on my own.
I certainly hope it won't take another nine months before I can go back though!

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